Hartmut Schmider

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Three novel Zn(II) complexes containing either 2,2',2"-tripyridylamine (2,2',2"-tpa) or 2,2',3"-tripyridylamine (2,2',3"-tpa) have been synthesized and structurally characterized. Compound 1, Zn(2,2',2"-tpa)Cl2, has a tetrahedral geometry while compounds 2, Zn(2,2',2"-tpa)2(O2CCF3)2, and 3, Zn(2,2',3"-tpa)4(O2CCF3)2, have an octahedral geometry. The(More)
Three isomers of bis(7-azaindolyl)methane have been synthesized and fully characterized. Isomers 1 and 2 contain 7-azaindolyl groups that are bound to the CH(2) group through nitrogen atoms. However, 1 contains two "normal" 7-azaindolyl groups, whereas 2 contains both a normal 7-azaindolyl group and a tautomer form of 7-azaindolyl. The third isomer 4(More)
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