Hartmut König

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Due to demographic changes in developed industrial countries and a better medical care system, the number of elderly people who still live in their home environment is rapidly growing because there they feel more comfortable and independent as in a clinical environment or in a residential care home. The elderly often live alone and receive only irregular(More)
Grid computing has gained considerable attention in research and industry. High expectations are associated with the approach. However, so far only few papers have been published about the costs caused by Grid computing. In this article we pursue two main goals: to analyze the different types of costs and to determine the total costs of a resource provider.(More)
Implementations automatically derived from SDL descriptions often do not fulfill the performance requirements of performance-sensitive applications. In the paper, we describe how three different techniques mainly known from the manual implementation of protocol architectures can be applied to automatically derive efficient implementations from SDL(More)
Implementations automatically derived from formal descriptions often do not fulfill the performance requirements of real-life applications. There are several reasons for this. In the paper, we address two of these issues for the FDT Estelle. The first issue has to do with the impact of the Estelle semantics on the code generation. We show that a performance(More)