Hartmut Fuhr

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We present an algorithm for obtaining the heart rate from the signal of a single, contact-less sensor recording the mechanical activity of the heart. This vital parameter is required on a beat-to-beat basis for applications in sleep analysis and heart failure disease management. Our approach bundles information from various sources for first robust(More)
The shift variant properties of linear periodically shift variant (LPSV) systems are generally analysed using deterministic signals. Shift variance is, however, closely related to cyclostationarities introduced by the LPSV system into originally wide sense stationary (WSS) random signals passing through the system. We first develop a Hilbert space distance(More)
Since the early work of K a u t s k y 1 energy-transfer from electronically excited chlorophyll a to ground state oxygen generating singlet oxygen has been de­ monstrated. K r a s n o v s k i i and L i t v i n 2 showed that solutions of chlorophyll-a in different solvents pro­ duced a long lasting afterglow when irradiated with light of the appropriate(More)
H Chemiluminescence spectra from the gas phase reactions of peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) ( A max 650 nm) and ozone ( A max 520 nm) with triethylamine have been obtained a t atmospheric pressure. The two chemiluminescent reactions are easily distinguishable by optical filters. Concentrations of PAN as low as 6 ppb were detected by this chemiluminescence(More)
On the real line, it is well-known that (the decay of) the one-dimensional continuous wavelet transform can be used to characterize the regularity of a function or distribution, e.g. in the sense of Holder regularity, but also in the sense of characterizing the wave front set. In higher dimensions - especially in dimension two - this ability to resolve the(More)
Between Nov. 1985 and Nov. 1988, sixty-three patients with high grade malignant (hg) and intermediate grade malignant (img) Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL) were treated with MACOP-B (methotrexate, doborubicin, cyclophosphamide, vincristine, prednison and bleomycin). Thirty-seven patients received MACOP-B as an upfront treatment modality, whereas twenty-six(More)
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