Hartmut Brückner

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An abdominal wall rich of fat or relaxed and poor of fat could be burdensome psychically and physically, especially if there are additional changes of musculoaponeurotic abdominal wall. The line of incision for abdominoplasty (cross-ellipse, anchor, star, Pitanguy) depends on age, on obesity and on private wishes of patients. In the restauration of the(More)
Clonazepam (Antelepsin) was tested on 179 patients in 8 institutions during a period of 180 days. 169 patients had been unsuccessfully treated with the usual standard medication and were additionally given Antelepsin. Typical absences and attacks of the West and Lennox syndromes yielded best to treatment with the drug, with favorable effects also being(More)
The influence of positions 11 and 24 on hypocalcaemic potency and duration of action was examined. These positions are respectively occupied by threonine and glutamine in HCT, but by the basic amino acids lysine and arginine in SCT. Replacement of threonine by lysine trebled the hypocalcaemic potency of HCT and slightly prolonged its duration of action.(More)