Hartini Ahmad

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Today, the key global pressure on management practices is knowledge identification, creation, innovation, dissemination, and development of talent. Workforce diversity in globalized business reflects a multitude of cultural and ethnic backgrounds necessitate aligning corresponding differences in knowledge management practices. Keeping in view the(More)
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the preliminary analysis on the knowledge sharing behaviour of the public sectors in terms of individual attitudes, organisational environment, reward system and information and communication technology (ICT) within the system. The paper looks into the perspective of business process management which embedded in a(More)
In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations have faced many challenges to stay abreast of changes in order to make wise decisions and best management system. This means that strategic improvisation can be one of the best ways to reconcile organizational tensions. However, the importance of strategic improvisation in the business remains unclear(More)
Despite growing academic and practical concerns about IT-transformed workplaces, little research empirically investigates these concerns. This paper adopts a unique approach to address these concerns by evaluating the appropriateness of traditional drivers of career salience in high IT working environments. Building on established measures of role stress,(More)
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