Harthmut Buerkle

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The effects of mass involuntary transfer on geriatric neuropsychiatric male patients were evaluated by comparing outcomes for three overlapping sets of patients (N = 403, 385, and 378) over several follow-up periods. One group, the "reorganization" sample, consisted of all patients on three geriatric wards at a time just before the wards were reorganized(More)
BACKGROUND Surgery of the knee can be very painful and sufficient postoperative pain treatment is often problematic. To optimize postoperative analgesia, application of local analgesics has been suggested. In the present study it was investigated whether intra-articular administration of ketamine reduces the level of pain after arthroscopic knee surgery. (More)
We report on the general anesthesia in the case of an orthopedic surgery conducted on two brothers with sickle cell anemia. After concerted planning with a pediatric hematologist concerning the perioperative management an exchange transfusion was conducted ambulatorily before surgery. The following anesthesia under continuous fluid infusion, warming and(More)
Eingriffe am Kniegelenk sind äußerst schmerzhaft, und eine suffiziente postoperative Schmerztherapie ist nicht unproblematisch. Zur Optimierung der postoperativen Analgesie wurde daher u. a. die lokale Applikation analgetisch wirksamer Medikamente vorgeschlagen. In der vorliegenden Untersuchung wurde eruiert, ob die intraartikuläre Ketamingabe den(More)
For a very precise analysis of all injured bicyclists in Germany it would be important to have definitions for "severely injured", "seriously injured" and "critically injured". By this, e.g., two-thirds of surgically treated bicyclists who are not registered by the police could become available for a general analysis. Elderly bicyclists (> 60 years) are a(More)
To the Editor:—We read with great interest the letter from Woehlck et al. and the accompanying response from Arrow Inc., (Reading, PA) concerning problems with removing the Arrow FlexTip epidural catheter. We wish to underline the importance of this topic with our own experience. In a woman (65 yr, American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status III,(More)
551 angiographic therapeutic radiological interventions were studied in detail. They included 246 patients treated by local, low dose fibrinolysis with consecutive PTA, 55 interventions treated by fibrinolysis therapy alone and 250 patients treated by angioplasty. The results of low dose, low duration fibrinolysis with or without consecutive PTA was(More)
Zur Beurteilung der Sicherheit von regionalen Anästhesie- und Analgesieverfahren in Deutschland existieren wenige unizentrische Berichte. Aus diesem Grund wurde von der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Anästhesiologie und Intensivmedizin (DGAI) und dem Berufsverband Deutscher Anästhesisten (BDA) ein Netzwerk zur Sicherheit in der Regionalanästhesie initiiert.(More)
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