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Nine cases of colonic ischemia are presented in which an initial diagnosis of carcinoma was made from roentgenographic, endoscopic, or intraoperative appearance of the lesion. The clinical features were insufficient to differentiate colonic ischemia from carcinoma. In 7 patients a barium enema was interpreted as, or consistent with, carcinoma. In 3 of these(More)
The role of oxygen in tumor response to therapy has been studied for several decades. We describe a technique that allows in vivo measurement of oxygen in tumors using computed tomography to guide probes. In the evaluation of 16 tumors, oxygen tensions were found to be substantially lower than surrounding tissue and varied nonrandomly. This technique has(More)
We present a new method to record and display heart sounds that uses a hand-held computer and stethoscopic recording device. It allows for rapid spectral and waveform displays of murmurs and provides a means for signal averaging of spectral frequency content. Compared with aortic stenosis, innocent murmurs primarily contain frequencies of <300 Hz and(More)
A visual assay of factor VIII-related Willebrand factor (VIIIR:WF) is described which utilizes formaldehyde-fixed platelets, end points being read in microflocculation tiles. Four dilutions of a sample can be assessed simultaneously, and the correlation with aggregometric assays is high (r = 0.91). Measurement error is 8.0% for a single assay in triplicate(More)
Hypoxic cells in tumors are resistant to radiation and chemotherapy treatment. To decrease this resistance, 2-nitroimidazoles are used as radiation and chemical sensitizers in the treatment of tumors. Their use is marred by their toxicity. Therefore, the compound SR2508, a new 2-nitroimidazole derivative, was introduced in an attempt to obtain a less toxic(More)
Male and female college students classified as masculine, feminine, androgynous, or undifferentiated on the Bem (1974) Sex Role Inventory (N = 199) were given the Wolpe (1969) Fear Inventory. Significant differences in average fear scores were seen between men and women and between the four sex-role categories, with sex role and gender contributing equally(More)
BACKGROUND Combinations of 5-fluorouracil (5FU) and recombinant alfa-2a-interferon (IFN) are synergistic in vitro and have demonstrated activity in colorectal carcinoma, renal cell carcinoma, and urothelial tumors. METHODS A Phase II trial of the combination of 5FU, 750 mg/m2 daily x 5 followed by weekly bolus therapy, and IFN, 9 MU subcutaneously three(More)