Harsimranjit Singh

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The problem of donor scarcity has led to the recent development of tissue engineering technologies, which aim to create implantable tissue equivalents for clinical transplantation. These replacement tissues are being realised through the use of biodegradable polymer scaffolds; temporary/permanent substrates, which facilitate cell attachment, proliferation,(More)
The hydrodynamic environment "created" by bioreactors for the culture of a tissue engineered construct (TEC) is known to influence cell migration, proliferation and extra cellular matrix production. However, tissue engineers have looked at bioreactors as black boxes within which TECs are cultured mainly by trial and error, as the complex relationship(More)
In this work it is proposed to provide proper nutrition to soil, which is very essential for satisfactory crop growth and production. The use of soil tests can help us to determine the status of available nutrients in soil, this paper aims at calculating required amount of NPK fertilizers for soil accordingly NPK levels actually found during soil test.(More)
— Agriculture is the backbone of India and we all are dependent on it either in terms of food for survival and as cash crop for farmers. Getting profitable yield from crop inputs is one main objective keeping in mind by applying fertilizers in an efficient manner without overdosing. Secondly applying an inefficient fertilizers to crop may affect yield and(More)
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