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—The purpose of this paper is to experimentally study Optical All Pass Filters (OAPF) and optimize the value of distance of origin from poles (r). Using the value of transfer function of optical all pass filter which is of 2 nd order we found the factor of numerator and denominator. In this work, we took the value of ‗r' as 0.660 and the angular position (w(More)
— Code division multiple access (CDMA) is a most promising technique for using channel efficiency. Multiple access interference (MAI) is a limiting factor for the capacity of CDMA system. Proposed design is based on the step by step practical implementation of matched filter (MF) detection and minimum mean squared error (MMSE) detection. Thus, providing(More)
— Genetic algorithms are widely used among optimization algorithms due to its several advantages. But it mainly relies on objective function without which it has no utilization. A new approach for objective function formulation is proposed in this paper using Artificial Neural Networks which is lateral optimized using Genetic Algorithm. The results obtained(More)
— RFID system (Radio Frequency Identification), an automatic identification system relying on exchange of information through radio frequency, is emerging as one of important technologies that find its use in various applications ranging from healthcare, construction, hospitality to transportation sector and many more. This paper describes about RFID(More)
With the utmost application of wireless network and internet has actuated substantial demands for information security and data concealment. However, wireless systems are more susceptible to illegitimate access and eavesdropping. RC5 has a variable parameters of word size, length of secret key and number of rounds. Ronald Rivest suggested the RC5 algorithm(More)
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