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Ichnology of the Early Cambrian Tal Group, Mussoorie Syncline, Lesser Himalaya, India
The Lesser Himalayan sequence is considered as one of the best developed sections of Cambrian successions, exposed in five different synclines. Mussoorie Syncline, being one of the five synclines,Expand
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Tianzhushania spinosa and other large acanthomorphic acritarchs of Ediacaran Period from the Infrakrol Formation, Lesser Himalaya, India
Covering a time span from Ediacaran (base of Blaini pink carbonates) to Early Cambrian (base of Tal Group), the Krol belt in the Lesser Himalaya (India), occurs as a series of synclines from Solan,Expand
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Nutritional gluten-free multigrain Khakhra using red rice, buckwheat and flaxseed: A review
Nowadays snack food is playing a major priority in the food industry for new product growth, becoming one of the main food categories on the global health and wellness market. Snacks are of differentExpand
The popularity and development of dairy-free butter came into existence over past few years. The high fat content in dairy butter highlighted the need of various plant-based butters. They are rich inExpand
A Perspective on Cancer: A Recent Update
A brain tumour occurs when abnormal cells starts to grow within the brain. Tumours are differentiated in two main categories i.e., malignant or cancerous tumours and benign tumours. Cancerous tumoursExpand