Harshit Narmadashankar Pandya

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A simple, precise, reproducible and accurate spectrofluorimetric method for estimation of Salbutamol sulphate (SAL) in bulk drug and various dosage forms has been developed. This method is based on formation of inclusion complex of SAL in β-cyclodextrin (BCD) which gives fluorescence at excitation wavelength of 279.6 nm and emission wavelength of 609.8 nm(More)
This paper describes the development of PCI bus interface card, which eventually works as AVR 8 - bit microcontroller trainer system. A microcontroller trainer system that includes all the essential sub - systems such as programmer, debugger, interfacing external peripherals and a front end user application such as Integrated Development Environment (IDE).(More)
Increasing demand of electrical energy and its rising prices have enforced the need of managing usage of electrical energy more efficiently. This requires regular monitoring of electrical appliances to timely identify inefficient energy consumption due to faulty conditions, inefficient designs, user negligence, etc. In this paper, design and development of(More)
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