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Malicious code is any code that has been modified with the intention of harming its usage or the user. Typical categories of malicious code include Trojan Horses, viruses, worms etc. With the growth in complexity of computing systems, detection of malicious code is becoming horrendously complex. For security of embedded devices it is important to ensure the(More)
Static single assignment (SSA) form has been widely studied and used for sequential programs. This form enables many compiler optimizations to be done efficiently. Work on concurrent static single assignment form (CSSA) for concurrent programs is focused on languages that have limited, implicit barriers (e.g., cobegin/coend and parallel do). Recent(More)
We present a novel, table-free technique for detecting all temporal and spatial memory access errors (e.g. dangling pointers, out-of-bounds check, etc.) in programs supporting general pointers. Our approach is the first technique to provide such error checking using only constant-time operations. The scheme relies on fat pointers, whose size is contained(More)
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