Harsharan Kaur

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Using an open ended question along with Holme's and Rahe's Social Readjustment Rating Schedule on a sample of two hundred adult subjects, a suitable scale of stressful life events experienced by the Indian population was constructed and standardized for two time spaces, that is, last one year and life time. Analysis of various demographic variables for this(More)
The Klcinc-Levin Syndrom!' (KLS), a type of periodic hypersomnia, typically occurs in young males presenting with episodes of somnolence, excessive eating and abnormal behaviour. In contrast to other hypersomnias, this is a 'long-cycle hypersomnias' with intervals of months of years between episodes (Lishman, 1987). Bonkalo (1968) alludes to Epimenides, a(More)
In all clinical and research work, it is important not only to have uniform diagnostic criteria but also some means of objectively quantifying the presence and severity of the illness being studied. For this purpose, a number of ra t ing scales have been devised for depressive disorders, probably the single most commonly used one being the Hamilton Ra t ing(More)
Bereavement is a universal human experience and mourning or grief is the typical response to bereavement. Infact, most cultures have well established mourning rites and patterns of behaviour expected of the survivor who has suffered the bereavement as well as for the community, so as to promote the resolution and recovery from this grief. However, precisely(More)
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