Harshani Gunasena

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The rehabilitation or intensified use of Imperata grasslands will require a much better understanding of their area, distribution, and characteristics. We generated estimates of the area of Imperata grasslands in tropical Asia, and suggested a typology of Imperata grasslands that may be useful to define the pathways toward appropriate land use(More)
The beneficial effect of organic matter on soil aggregate stability is well documented. Alley cropping has been suggested as a possible alternative to maintain soil organic matter content in cropping systems without fallowing the land. The objective of this study was to asses the effect of alley cropping on dry and wet soil aggregate stability on land(More)
Infection by Helicobacter pylori leads to injury of the gastric epithelium and a cellular infiltrate that includes CD4+ T cells. H. pylori binds to class II MHC molecules on gastric epithelial cells and induces their apoptosis. Because urease is an abundant protein expressed by H. pylori, we examined whether it had the ability to bind class II MHC and(More)
Helicobacter pylori infection is associated with gastric epithelial damage, including apoptosis, ulceration, and cancer. Although bacterial factors and the host response are believed to contribute to gastric disease, no receptor has been identified that explains how the bacteria attach and signal the host cell to undergo apoptosis. Using H. pylori as "bait"(More)
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