Harshal Tupsamudre

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In 2013, the US National Security Agency proposed two new families of lightweight block ciphers: SIMON and SPECK. Currently, linear and differential cryptanalytic results for SIMON are available in the literature but no fault attacks have been reported so far on these two cipher families. In this paper, we show that these families of ciphers are vulnerable(More)
Human-generated text passwords are vulnerable to statistical guessing attacks. The counter strategies either require building the entire system from scratch or need major rework and therefore cannot be adopted easily. In this paper, we demonstrate how a slight modification to login interface can influence users to create relatively secure text passwords. We(More)
Markov-based strength meters provide more accurate estimate of password strength as opposed to rule-based strength meters. However, we observed that these meters assign very high scores to slightly altered weak passwords. It is important to score modified variants of weak passwords more conservatively as the existing password cracking tools generate such(More)
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