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—This paper introduces the Graphite open-source distributed parallel multicore simulator infrastructure. Graphite is designed from the ground up for exploration of future multi-core processors containing dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of cores. It provides high performance for fast design space exploration and software development. Several techniques(More)
Chip-multiprocessors (CMPs) must often execute workload mixes with different performance requirements. On one hand, user-facing, latency-critical applications (e.g., web search) need low tail (i.e., worst-case) latencies, often in the millisecond range, and have inherently low utilization. On the other hand, compute-intensive batch applications (e.g.,(More)
Latency-critical workloads (e.g., web search), common in datacenters, require stable tail (e.g., 95<sup><i>th</i></sup> percentile) latencies of a few milliseconds. Servers running these workloads are kept lightly loaded to meet these stringent latency targets. This low utilization wastes billions of dollars in energy and equipment annually. Applying(More)
Given exponential scaling, it will not be long before chips with hundreds of cores are standard. For OS designers, this new trend in architectures provides a new opportunity to explore different research directions in scaling operating systems. The primary question facing OS designers over the next ten years will be: <i>What is the correct design of OS(More)
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