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Nowadays food preservation, quality maintenance, and safety are major growing concerns of the food industry. It is evident that over time consumers' demand for natural and safe food products with stringent regulations to prevent food-borne infectious diseases. Antimicrobial packaging which is thought to be a subset of active packaging and controlled release(More)
–Foaming Glycosides, traditionally known for their detergent properties are generally responsible for expectorant action. Pentacyclic triterpenoid and steroidal types have different applications due to different linkages in their structures. Now-a-days their use is not just restricted to cleaning purposes but has widened to other fields too such as health,(More)
The antifungal activity of the dealcoholized extract of the leaves of Clerodendrum infortunatum Retz. was determined on four different fungal organisms. The crude leaf extract significantly inhibited the growth of A. niger; P. frequentance; P. notataum and B. cinera when tested by turbidity and spore germination methods in concentration dependent fashion.(More)
Biodegradable polymer has been the subject of interest for its use as a polymeric drug carrier material in dosage form design due to its appealing properties such as biocompatibility, biodegradability, low toxicity and relatively low production cost from abundant natural sources. The greatest advantage of these degradable polymers is that they are broken(More)
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