Harsha I. K. Rao

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This paper presents a method for jointly designing immersive audio rendering filters for a single listener using loudspeakers. The filters for crosstalk cancellation are assumed to have finite impulse responses and are designed using the minimax criterion. In addition to the traditional Atal-Schroeder crosstalk canceler structure, this paper explores an(More)
This paper presents a new class of adaptive filtering algorithms to solve the stereophonic acoustic echo cancelation (AEC) problem in teleconferencing systems. While stereophonic AEC may be seen as a simple generalization of the well-known single-channel AEC, it is a fundamentally far more complex and challenging problem to solve. The main reason being the(More)
This paper presents a novel approach for implementing immersive audio rendering filters for a single listener using loudspeakers. We address the problem of crosstalk cancellation inherent in loudspeaker rendering and propose to implement the crosstalk cancellation filters using minimax finite impulse response (FIR) filters. The formulation is based on the(More)
The strong cross-correlation that exists between the two input audio channels makes the problem of stereophonic acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) complex and challenging to solve. Recently, two new implementations of the LMS/Newton algorithm that uses a linear decorrelation technique were proposed. This method helps to mitigate the effect of the(More)
This paper describes a method for jointly designing the crosstalk cancellation filters to facilitate binaural rendering of audio through loudspeakers. The minimax criterion is used to design the immersive audio rendering filters having finite impulse responses for a single listener using loudspeakers. The work presented is applied to the traditional(More)
Design and implementation of a cognitive radio modem on the Small Form Factor (SFF) Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform, provided by Lyrtech and Texas Instruments (TI) is reported. Filterbanks were used for spectrum sensing and this method is shown to exhibit superior performance in terms of the spectral dynamic range when compared to the conventional(More)
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