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The BRICS Fallacy
The term BRICS /referring to the association of emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa /dominated the headlines in March 2013 as Durban hosted the annual group summit.Expand
India in Afghanistan: a test case for a rising power
India's role is seen as crucial for the long-term stability of Afghanistan, and India realizes that a stable, prosperous and democratic Afghanistan is also in its strategic interests. This articleExpand
India in the Asia–Pacific: Rising Ambitions with an Eye on China
It is almost a conventional wisdom now that the centre of gravity of global politics has shifted from Europe to the Asia–Pacific in recent years with the rise of China and India, gradual assertion byExpand
Modi's Unexpected Boost to India-U.S. Relations
Anew government took office in India in May 2014 under the prime ministership of Narendra Modi. One of the first decisions it took was to invite the member states of the South Asian Association ofExpand
Coping with challenges to sovereignty: Sino‐Indian rivalry and Nepal's foreign policy
This paper analyzes the different strategies pursued by China and India in their ongoing security competition in Nepal, and the latter's foreign policy responses to this competition. It examinesExpand
Feasibility of the Russia-China-India “Strategic Triangle.
The present international system is defined by the phenomenal power that the United States (US) enjoys relative to any other state in the system. With the US as the world's only super power, the ideaExpand
The Moscow-Beijing-Delhi ‘Strategic Triangle’: An Idea Whose Time May Never Come
The unparalleled position of the United States in the international political system has given rise to an attempt in recent times by Russia, China, and India to forge trilateral cooperation into whatExpand
The US–India nuclear deal: the beginning of a beautiful relationship?
The United States (US)–India nuclear pact has virtually rewritten the rules of the global nuclear regime by underlining India's credentials as a responsible nuclear state that should be integratedExpand
Handbook of Indian Defence Policy: Themes, Structures and Doctrines
1. Introduction 2. The Indian Army: 1700s-1947 3. Indian Civil-Military Relations: An Overview 4. Indian Society and the Soldier: Will the Twain Ever Meet? 5. India and the Changing Nature of War:Expand