Harsh V. P. Singh

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ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE International organizations recognize the importance of sacred groves and place them into the context of sustainable development and also emphasize to conserve biodiversity through protection of sacred groves and sties. The significance of medicinal plants from Himalayan region is well known to the world. Therefore, present(More)
A novel case for visual data acquisition (ViDAQ) as an non-intrusive, scalable and reliable means of monitoring Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) is envisioned. ViDAQ is a step towards achieving real-time cross-validation of human operator commands with respect to HMI states in large scale industrial control room environments. HMIs are integral in allowing(More)
Noise Reduction is an important block in the image processing system. The main problem in image processing is to find the suitable method for reducing noise presented in the captured image.The extent of noise reduction is directly proportional to the quality of the image produced.In this paper, we introduce some basic noise types, traditional noise(More)
Power being generated in generation system is not meeting demand at load centers, mainly due to losses occurring in distribution networks. The active power losses are reduced either by increasing the size of conductor or by changing transformer taps. However, in present scenario, Distributed Generators (DG) can also play a major role in minimization of(More)
The HMI-Guard platform opens up a non-intrusive means of guarding against human errors that are introduced by Human-in-the-loop (HITL) interaction via the Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). Motivation for this framework is partly in response to prevalence of legacy HMI devices (E.g. meters, rotary dials, gauges, alarm indicators, etc.) in industrial control(More)
This paper presents two simple, practical and scalable architectures which facilitate real-time sensor data streaming for cloud applications. Real-time sensor data is invaluable in applications where either the sensor or system state is time variant. Applications involving sensors typically push live data values to cloud based software applications that(More)
The performance of the WCDMA system is degraded due to the various network impairments such as interference, fading & noise and also due to network load. The work in this presents performance analysis of zero forcing successive interference cancellation (ZF-SIC) scheme for the multiuser detection in the WCDMA environment. The bit-error rate (BER) of WCDMA(More)
Operator situational awareness in Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) control rooms is quintessential in ensuring plant safe operation. Towards improving situational awareness, a novel framework of the EYE - Expert Supervisory System capable of visually monitoring human machine interfaces (HMI) in cyber physical system (CPS) is proposed with target application in NPP(More)
The integration of wide variety of communication services is made possible with invention of 3G technology. Code Division Multiple Access 2000 operates on various RF channel bandwidths 1.2288 or 3.6864 Mcps (1x or 3x systems). It is a 3G system which offers high bandwidth and wireless broadband services but its efficiency is lowered due to various factors(More)