Harsh Sanghvi

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This paper presents a decision level fusion scheme for palmprint and hand vein biometrics using an evolutionary technique such as Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) to compute the fusion parameters by selecting them dynamically. A digital camera based imaging set up is employed for acquiring the palmprint images while Infrared thermal imaging is used for hand(More)
The two main aspects of any network are routing and scheduling. Routing is concerned with deciding the path between any two nodes of the network. Scheduling deals with the policies which decide how to send packets across links. Uptil now, we had been studying the routing aspect of the network. We had a brief look at the graph properties like diameter and(More)
Over the years, digital images play a big role to understand the visual information. But some problems like blurring may degrade the quality of images. Image processing has a lot of popular techniques to improve the images. But sometimes single image is not sufficient to enhance the image, effectively. The similar images can be enhanced where some different(More)
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