Harsh Khatter

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effect of data mining techniques on database. Abstract For multi-objective optimization in the QoS routing, this paper combines the artificial fish swarm algorithm and ant colony algorithm and tabu search algorithm, proposes a new improved algorithm, and delves into the application of solving the QoS routing. One main work in this paper is to put forward a(More)
— Cloud computing and Grid computing are two intricately connected concepts which are very popular among researchers as well as users because of its efficient resource management capability. Numbers of definitions have been given till now for Cloud and Grid. Both of these computing paradigms are milestones for the revolutionary change that has come into the(More)
A Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is a latest and emerging Research topic among researchers. The reason behind the popularity of MANET is flexibility and independence of network infrastructure. MANET have some unique characteristic like dynamic network topology, limited power and limited bandwidth for communication. MANET has more challenge compare to any(More)
Now, Blogs are getting popular day by day. Blogs are like an online dairy created by individuals and stored on the internet. As Blog is a type of website, various blogging sites can provide excellent information on many topics, although content can be subjective. Blogs are one of the main components of Web 2.0. Paper consists of description of various Blog(More)
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