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Social lending is community-based lending. The “family and friends” loans community has been extended and formalized to create a marketplace of borrowers and lenders. In Internetbased Social Lending (IBSL), the company runs a website that connects potential lenders with potential borrowers. By removing the overheads and bulky infrastructure of the banking(More)
In this paper, we present a user controllable pseudo random process network generator (RPNG). It generates random process networks which can be used as test cases for tools related to application specific multiprocessor architectures. RPNG generates database of computation and communication attributes of process networks for various processors and(More)
Embedded applications like video decoding, video streaming and those in the network domain, typically have a Quality of Service (QoS) requirement which needs to be met. Apart from being a design constraint, it can also be considered as a flexibility that the design does not have to work under worst case data condition. For example, in the case of video(More)
Making healthcare services easily accessible to the world population requires a huge skilled workforce along with massive investment in equipments for medical testing and monitoring. Due to the limited capital in developing countries and scarcity of skilled workforce, the problem is getting worse day by day. A fusion of technologies - vital signs monitoring(More)
DNA sequencing today produces vast amounts of image data in the final recording process. For example, Solexapsilas sequencing by synthesis platform allows the outcome of sequencing reactions to be observed simultaneously at a resolution of millions of individual DNA molecules. Recording the outcome after each reaction therefore, generates terabytes of image(More)
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