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Indolylarylsulfones (IASs) have received considerable interest during the last decades due to high potency against HIV-1 as non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors. In present work, quantitative structure–activity relationship (QSAR) and molecular docking analyses were performed to model the anti-HIV-1 activity of 36 IASs. 2D and 3D-descriptors,(More)
Reduction in crop yield and quality due to various abiotic stresses is a worldwide phenomenon. In the present investigation, a heat shock factor (HSF) gene expressing preferentially in developing seed tissues of wheat grown under high temperatures was cloned. This newly identified heat shock factor possesses the characteristic domains of class A type plant(More)
Molecular dissection and a deeper analysis of the heat stress response mechanism in wheat have been poorly understood so far. This study delves into the molecular basis of action of TaMIPS, a heat stress-inducible enzyme that was identified through PCR-select subtraction technology, which is named here as TaMIPS2. MIPS (l-Myo-inositol-phosphate synthase) is(More)
The small heat shock proteins (sHSPs) have been found to play a critical role in physiological stress conditions in protecting proteins from irreversible aggregation. To characterize the hloroplast targeted sHSP26 promoter in detail, deletion analysis of the promoter is carried out and analysed via transgenics in Arabidopsis. In the present study, complete(More)
To correlate the polymer’s degree of precipitation inhibition of indomethacin in solution to the amorphous stabilization in solid state. Precipitation of indomethacin (IMC) in presence of polymers was continuously monitored by a UV spectrophotometer. Precipitates were characterized by PXRD, IR and SEM. Solid dispersions with different polymer to drug ratios(More)
Pure glyceryl mono-oleate (GMO) (lipid) and different batches of GMO commonly used for the preparation of GMO-chitosan nanoparticles were characterized by modulated differential scanning calorimetry (MDSC), cryo-microscopy, and cryo-X-ray powder diffraction techniques. GMO-chitosan nanoparticles containing poloxamer 407 as a stabilizer in the absence and(More)
Eutectic mixtures formed between active pharmaceutical ingredients and/or excipients provide vast scope for pharmaceutical applications. This study aimed at the exploration of the crystallization abilities of two eutectic mixtures (EM) i.e., lidocaine-tetracaine and lidocaine-camphor (1:1 w/w). Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) for degradation behavior(More)
Abortions and stillbirths were noticed in pregnant goats on a farm in the state of Gujarat, India. About 50% of the pregnant goats aborted or gave birth to dead kids. Bluetongue virus (BTV) antibody in the sera of affected goats was detected using a competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Viral antigen in the blood of these goats and in the(More)
Therapeutic efficacy of a new ‘Indigenous vaccine’ prepared from native highly pathogenic ‘Indian Bison Type’ genotype of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) of goat origin has been evaluated with respect to control of clinical Johne’s disease in naturally infected Mehsana breed of goat in North Gujarat. Fifty goats from Sheep and Goats(More)