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Objectives: Ebusinesses are increasingly facing the need of porting the provision of their eservices to mobile customers. Evolving requirements, such as reliability, security, scalability, performance and privacy, from fixed to mobile settings, has revealed new and important challenges. This is due to the behavioural constraints that mobility poses, and(More)
Adaptive systems can be used to help people find their way through large amounts of information by taking into account the content itself and opinions of other people. Annotations that describe content are important in this process as is generally recognized. What is less obviously stated so far is that not only the annotations themselves, but also(More)
Consumer behaviour in 2016 shows that (r)etailers need online/offline integration to better serve their clients. An important distinguishing feature of the physical shop is how it can offer consumers a shopping experience. This study uses two experiments to research the extent a fashion store's shopping experience can be presented to consumers via visual(More)
A number of global trends have a large influence on the way we use technology in our life and work, like:<ul><li>increasing connectivity and connected devices (any time, any place, anywhere)</li><li>broadband</li><li>increasing data storage capacity, both local and in the network</li><li>smart objects (ambient intelligence, intelligent multi-modal user(More)
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