Harry van Oort

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Thirty two patients with proven chronic bacterial prostatitis were treated with ciprofloxacin 500 mg twice daily orally for four weeks. The causative organisms, cultured from prostatic fluid wereEnterobacteriaceae (19 patients), enterococci (9), staphylococci (4), streptococci (3), non-fermentative Gram-negative rods (2) and anaerobic bacteria (9). Nineteen(More)
1. Conditional handicap models of sexual selection predict that ornamentation should be positively associated with an individual’s ability to withstand challenges to their health. 2. We assessed whether levels of carotenoid ornamentation were related to the probability of adult male Common Redpolls, Carduelis flammea , dying in a salmonellosis epidemic by(More)
Carotenoids produce many of the red, orange and yellow signal traits of birds, and individuals must trade off utilizing carotenoids for physiological processes versus ornamentation. Proximate mechanisms regulating this trade-off are poorly understood, despite their importance for expression of color signals. Corticosterone (CORT) may play a significant(More)
The dawn chorus of the black-capped chickadee (Poecile atricapillus) is a communication network that functions in the dissemination of essential information for both males and females. Habitat type may influence the performance of this network, and if recognized, chickadees may attempt to behaviorally compensate for detrimental changes in the form of(More)
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Die beiderseits im Petrosum verborgenen h~u~igen Labyrinthe, aus Sacculus, Utriculus mig Bogengangen und Ductus cochlearis bestehend, sind mit~els feiner Bindegewebsbalken an der inneren Wand einer knSchernen Kapsel befestigt, welche in ihrer Gestaltung die Form des hautigen Labyrinthes wiederholt. Diese aus sehr kompakter Knochensubstanz bestehende(More)
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