Harry Wright

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A role for Lyn kinase as a positive regulator of immunoglobulin (Ig)E-dependent allergy has long been accepted. Contrary to this belief, Lyn kinase was found to have an important role as a negative regulator of the allergic response. This became apparent from the hyperresponsive degranulation of lyn-/- bone marrow-derived mast cells, which is driven by(More)
iii DEDICATION This dissertation is dedicated to my family members, who have been extremely supportive of me and have offered much love, encouragement, and guidance throughout my years in graduate school: My parents, iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am deeply thankful for everyone who has offered support and encouragement during my years in graduate school. There are(More)
As the infant mental health field has turned its focus to the presentation, course, and treatment of clinically significant mental health disorders, the need for reliable and valid criteria for identifying and assessing mental health symptoms and disorders in early childhood has become urgent. In this article we offer a critical perspective on diagnostic(More)
There has been increased interest in improving mental health assessment and treatment of young children. However, there are limited data regarding the prevalence of psychiatric disorders among infants and toddlers. The recent development of measures and classification systems that are specific to this age group has enabled researchers to begin to(More)
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