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Nanometric solid inclusions in diamond incorporated in garnet and zircon from felsic gneiss of the Kokchetav massif, Kazakhstan, have been examined utilizing electron microscopy and focused ion beam techniques. Host garnet and zircon contain numerous pockets of multiple inclusions, which consist of 1–3 diamond crystals intergrown with quartz, phengite,(More)
Introduction Diamonds from kimberlites and related eruptions (diamond pipes) have been known and studied for many years and are now known from all continents (e.g. Haggerty, 1999). They were long thought to be the only primary source of diamonds in the Earth. However, discovery of micro-diamonds in metasediments in contin-demonstrated that continental(More)
Geologists have "known" for many years that continental crust is buoyant and cannot be subducted very deep. Microdiamonds 10-80 microm in size discovered in the 1980s within metamorphic rocks related to continental collisions clearly refute this statement, suggesting that material of continental crust has been subducted to a minimum depth of >150 km and(More)
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