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A new auxin homeostasis gene in Arabidopsis called SUR2 has been identified. This gene, mapped to the bottom of chromosome 4, is defined by two recessive nuclear mutants designated superroot2 (sur2), which display several abnormalities reminiscent of auxin effects. A number of these characteristics are similar to the phenotype of the previously described(More)
Environmental stress affects plant growth and development. Several plant hormones, such as salicylic acid, abscisic acid, jasmonic acid and ethylene play a crucial role in altering plant morphology in response to stress. Developmental regulation often has the cell cycle machinery among its targets. We analyzed the effect of jasmonic acid (JA) and abscisic(More)
Understanding the complete picture of ¯oral transition is still impaired by the fact that physiological studies mainly concern plant species whose genetics is poorly known, and vice versa. Arabidopsis thaliana has been successfully used to unravel signalling pathways by genetic and molecular approaches, but analyses are still required to determine the(More)
UNLABELLED pProRep is a web application integrating electrophoretic and mass spectral data from proteome analyses into a relational database. The graphical web-interface allows users to upload, analyse and share experimental proteome data. It offers researchers the possibility to query all previously analysed datasets and can visualize selected features,(More)
Effects of gibberellic acid and kinetic on α-amylase production during the germination of barley. - The action of gibberellic acid and kinetin, alone or combined at different concentrations, has been studied on α-amylase production in whole barley seedlings and in embryoless endosperms in course of the six first days of development in the dark. The classic(More)
Peroxidase catalase, IAA-oxidase and polyphenol content of growing barley coleoptile. Effect of kinetin. - Kinetin strongly inhibits root and coleoptile growth of germinating barley in the dark. Treated coleoptiles become senescent before the untreated ones. Soluble proteins content, peroxidase, catalase and IAA-oxidase activity were greatly increased in(More)
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