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chapter provides an overview of externally generated program-level learning outcomes and an integrated and stage-specific framework for redeveloping learning-centered curricula in higher education contexts. Higher education reform on an international scale is having a profound impact on organizations and institutions where there are now mandates and(More)
There is growing recognition of the complexity of academic work and the need for university and college faculty members to develop scholarly approaches to teaching and learning. While structured programs of study have been initiated for faculty to address these issues in various higher education contexts, very little research has investigated the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the successful implementation and effectiveness of program-level learning outcomes for a 4-year bachelor of science pharmacy degree program. METHODS A comprehensive and iterative program evaluation framework was implemented and quantitative and qualitative data were gathered. RESULTS The critical factors in the successful(More)
This article reviews the concepts of curricular integration and integrative learning. These concepts have reemerged in contemporary higher education reforms and are crucial in pharmacy programs where students are expected to acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for competent practice in a complex environment. Enhancing integration requires(More)
In a global higher education context of increasing competition for student recruitment, interinstitutional student mobility, credit transfer flexibility, and quality assurance policies, learning outcomes have become part of recent international trends in institutional, curricula, and pedagogical reforms, with profound effects on all aspects of curriculum(More)
This article examines scholarly approaches to peer-review of teaching within and across disciplinary contexts in a Canadian research-intensive university. Qualitative methods were employed to investigate the processes and outcomes of innovative peer-review of teaching initiatives over a 10-year period at the University of British Columbia. Analysis suggests(More)
OBJECTIVES To pilot test and evaluate a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS) case study as a teaching and learning tool. DESIGN A case study incorporating remote access to a GCMS instrument through the Integrated Laboratory Network (ILN) at Western Washington University was developed and implemented. Student surveys, faculty interviews, and(More)
The health benefits of playing football and the importance of exercise and social contact for healthy ageing are well established, but few older adults in the UK take enough exercise. Football is popular, flexible in format and draws players into engrossing, effortful and social exercise, but the physical demands of play at full speed may make it(More)
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