Harry T. Hsu

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The importance of the reduction of atmospheric pressure effects becomes very clear when investigating seismic normal-mode spectra below 1.5 mHz. The usual simple correction method consists in subtracting a term converted from local atmospheric pressure (pressure multiplied by a frequency-independent admittance) from the gravity record in time domain. Thus,(More)
Retinal detachment was studied in a rabbit model of penetrating ocular injury with retinal laceration. The injury was an 8 mm perforation through the sclera, choroid, and retina with vitreous loss and incarceration. When the injury was located at the equator of the globe, the rate of retinal detachment was 16%, but if located at the ora serrata, the rate(More)
Posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) and epiretinal membranes occur in a number of vitreoretinal diseases. We have developed an experimental model in which we can provide the morphologic correlation of these dynamic processes. The method provides the opportunity to study epiretinal membrane formation with the scanning electron microscope (SEM); with SEM,(More)
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