Harry Sorensen

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Information overload has become a well-worn term. Anyone who has travelled the highways and byways of the Internet, who has received e-mail or browsed the Usenet News hierarchy is all too familiar with the term. In the following paper we outline the design of the PSUN model to filter Usenet News articles from the Internet. PSUN is an adaptive filtering(More)
This paper describes the integrated grid modeling system (IGMS), a novel electric power system modeling platform for integrated transmission-distribution analysis that co-simulates off-the-shelf tools on high performance computing platforms to offer unprecedented resolution from independent system operator (ISO) markets down to appliances and other end(More)
This paper demonstrates potential benefits that residential buildings can provide for frequency regulation services in the electric power grid. In a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) implementation, simulated homes and a physical laboratory home are coordinated via a grid aggregator, and it is shown that their aggregate response has the potential to follow the(More)
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