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We found a causal relationship between variation in plasma dopamine level and memory impairment in Parkinson's disease. If the level of dopamine was changed between the time of original learning and a later time of attempted memory retrieval, memory performance was impaired when compared with a maintenance of similar dopamine levels on both occasions. The(More)
Variation in plasma dopamine level between the time of original learning and subsequent memory retrieval causes a state-dependent memory impairment in Parkinson's disease. The occurrence of this phenomenon is not related to either progression of disease or duration of therapy, but is more likely to occur with high-dosage levels of levodopa-carbidopa.
New technological advancements including multislice CT scanners and functional MRI, have dramatically increased the size and number of digital images generated by medical imaging departments. Despite the fact that the cost of storage is dropping, the savings are largely surpassed by the increasing volume of data being generated. While local area network(More)
The increasing volume of data generated by new imaging modalities such as multislice computed tomography scanners and magnetic resonance imaging justifies the use of lossy compression techniques to decrease the cost of storage and improve the efficiency of transmission over networks for teleradiology or for access to electronic patient records. We summarize(More)
We have shown previously that 131I-labeled antibodies against the Thy-1.1 differentiation antigen can cure AKR/Cum (Thy-1.2+) mice bearing AKR/J (Thy-1.1+) SL2 T-cell lymphoma. In the present study we have extended these studies to the therapy of SL2 lymphoma in AKR/J mice, where 131I-anti-labeled Thy-1.1 antibodies react with both tumor and normal(More)
Auditory functions of 32 Israeli soldiers with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) were evaluated and compared with those of 32 matched controls without PTSD. The evaluation included peripheral auditory functions, tolerance to noise, and central auditory informational functions. Tolerance of intense auditory stimuli by PTSD patients was similar to that of(More)
We have previously shown that monoclonal antibodies against the Thy 1.1 differentiation antigen can inhibit the outgrowth of a lethal inoculum of transplanted AKR T-leukemic cells. In the present report we have extended these studies to examine antibody therapy of aged AKR/J mice with spontaneous leukemia. Infusion of anti-Thy 1.1 antibody in frankly(More)
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