Harry Septanto

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Spacecraft formation flying control using consensus algorithm means each spacecraft or satellite in a team updates its state based on the information states of its local neighbours in such a way that the final information state of each agent converges to a common value. This paper discusses spacecraft formation within scope of rotational motions i.e.(More)
A feedback control system involving a linear Sliding Mode Controller (SMC) and an input saturated linear plant is considered here. The linear SMC is designed for linear plant without saturation on its input. The resulting feedback system will not necessarily show an intended performance if the control input to the plant is saturated. In addition, a(More)
Quaternion-based attitude determination system is considered since it can represent all physical attitudes, but not uniquely. An inappropriate quaternion-based control law would imply to a non-efficient control effort and difficulty in guaranteeing global stability. Many research efforts decide to add complexity in the controller by using jump-discontinuity(More)
Rotation matrix parameterization using unit quaternion can represent attitude globally. However, it is not unique and may generates the unwinding phenomenon, besides the issue on the globally asymptotically stability guarantee. This paper proposes a piecewise-continuous scheme of quaternion-based control law that employs a saturation element such that would(More)
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