Harry S. Goldsmith

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A comparative study between Japanese and Americans was carried out to determine gastric characteristics of the two groups, since Japanese appear to allow easier gastric transposition to the neck. Japanese were found to have a longer and more mobile stomach, but in the vast majority of Americans an esophagogastric anastomosis in the neck is possible(More)
INTRODUCTION Animal experimentation has demonstrated that omental-collagen bridge reconstruction of a transected spinal cord in cats can result in the growth of axons crossing the transection site which resulted in the return of motor and sensory activity. This paper raises the possibility that a comparable spinal cord reconstruction model could be possible(More)
OBJECTIVES The goals of the present study are to obtain, expand and characterize a stem cell population from human omentum and to evaluate its in vivo angiogenic capacities. METHODS Human omental CD34+ cells were obtained from samples of human omentum by density gradient centrifugation in Ficoll. Proliferative pattern, marker expression (by flow(More)
It is now recognized that Alzheimer disease (AD) is one of the most devastating problems confronting the practice of medicine today. This disease has severe social and economic consequences that will only increase greatly in the future. Currently, there are 1,000 new cases of AD diagnosed daily in the United States. 1 When these patients are added to the(More)
It has been commonly believed that a decrease in cerebral blood flow (CBF), which routinely occurs in Alzheimer's disease (AD), results from the death of critical intracerebral neurons that no longer require the maintenance of an adequate blood supply. This belief is presently being challenged by the idea that it is not neuronal death that causes a decrease(More)