Harry S. Cooker

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1. Small 'step' or sinusoidal displacements were imposed on the mandible while human subjects maintained an average biting force of 10 N. Phase-related changes in the force resisting sinusoidal displacement were used to determine the mechanical stiffness of the human mandibular system as a function of the frequency of stretching. 2. Jaw-muscle(More)
This research represents part of a series of investigations into the function of mechanoreceptor feedback in lip motor control for speech. In the present study, precise mechanical stretches were applied to subjects' lips while they held the firing frequency of a given single motor unit relatively constant using audio and visual feedback. Preliminary data(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the predictability status of several sentence lists for use in hearing tests of Navy personnel. One hundred and eighty normal-hearing subjects, divided into six groups, listened to three sentence lists presented in one of six word-elimination conditions. The sentence lists were scored in terms of the number of words(More)
Language-disordered children were presented with two types of commands in a sentence comprehension task. One 3-sec pause was placed at the same syntactic boundary in one-half of the sentences in Set I and Set II. Results indicate that the subjects' performance improved as a function of the pause in Sentence Set II but not in Sentence Set I.
This report concerns a detailed analysis of the intelligibility of spoken consonants in time-smeared speech. "Time-smearing" is the name given to one of the distortions of speech that takes place when it is transmitted through the ocean. Recorded tests of speech materials were treated by computer to simulate varied degrees of time-smearing. In addition, the(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the equivalency of several sentence intelligibility lists for use in clinical hearing tests of Navy personnel and research facilities requiring figure-of-merit indices of voice communication systems. Ten Central Institute for the Deaf (CID) Sentence Intelligibility Lists and revisions of those ten lists (R-CID)(More)
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