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Primary generalized seizures occur in half of all children with epilepsy. Correct classification carries important diagnostic, therapeutic, and prognostic information. Approximately half of all patients with generalized juvenile myoclonic epilepsy may have a partial semiology or focal electroencephalographic features although similar findings have not been(More)
There is little information on the sexual activity of patients with end-stage renal failure in spite of its being mentioned as a common side effect of kidney disease and chronic hemodialysis. In this report 32 married, male dialysis patients, 19 of whom had also received renal homografts, were interviewed and a detailed sexual history obtained. Twenty per(More)
A study was performed to assess the natural history, prognostic factors, and lipid and apolipoprotein abnormalities of idiopathic ischemic childhood stroke. A case series of 42 children, retrospectively identified with idiopathic ischemic strokes, were reassessed an average of 7.4 years (range, 1 to 19 years) after presentation. Patients were interviewed(More)