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This study evaluates the effectiveness of delivering the core curriculum of an introductory neuroscience course using a software application referred to as a virtual learning interface (VLI). The performance of students in a virtual learning environment (VLE) is compared with that of students in a conventional lecture hall in which the same lecturer(More)
Team-based virtual microscopy and on-line learning were used to transform the first-year Physiology/Histology course at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine into a student-centered learning environment. Prior to each laboratory session, students were required to view prelaboratory virtual lectures and examine digital slides that had been enhanced with(More)
In this paper we present a probabilistic approach to analysis and prediction of protein structure. We argue that this approach provides a exible and convenient mechanism to perform general scien-tiic data analysis in molecular biology. We apply our approach to an important problem in molecular biology|predicting the secondary structure of proteins|and(More)
Segments of protein that do not adopt a well-ordered conformation in the absence of DNA can still contribute to site-specific recognition of DNA. The first six residues (NH2-Ser1-Thr2-Lys3-Lys4-Lys5-Pro6-) of phage lambda repressor are flexible but are important for site-specific binding. Low-temperature x-ray crystallography and codondirected saturation(More)
In this paper we study the performance of probabilistic networks in the context of protein sequence analysis in molecular biology. Specifically, we report the results of our initial experiments applying this framework to the problem of protein secondary structure prediction. One of the main advantages of the probabilistic approach we describe here is our(More)
In this study, the role of the classroom instructor was redefined from a "lecturer" responsible for delivering the core curriculum to a "facilitator" at the center of an active learning environment. Web-based lectures were used to provide foundation content to students outside of the classroom, which made it possible to improve the quality of(More)
SUMMARY Eighty-seven patients with proven mitral leaflet prolapse were studied emphasizing cardiodynam-ics and left ventricular asynergy. Significant associated features were female preponderance (83%), skeletal anomalies (pectus excavatum, straight back, scoliosis, narrow antero-posterior diameter of the chest), and anomalous coronary arteries (corkscrew(More)
Project Management Groupware (PMG) presents complex design challenges because the resulting system can act as both (a) a community for interpersonal collaboration and (b) an arena for interpersonal competition. This paper describes an application of the participatory design paradigm to explore these issues, and to track the contingent evolution of computing(More)
BACKGROUND Audience response systems (ARSs) are electronic devices that allow educators to pose questions during lectures and receive immediate feedback on student knowledge. The current literature on the effectiveness of ARSs is contradictory, and their impact on student learning remains unclear. OBJECTIVES This randomised controlled trial was designed(More)