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A relation between the prevalence of asthma and economic development has been suggested by studies in migrants and other surveys in developing countries. That this correlation might be partially explained by an increased intake of salt in the diet is supported by the observation that sales of table salt in the different regions of England and Wales are(More)
Twenty seven insulin-dependent diabetics, and six non-diabetic subjects undergoing elective surgery have been studied. Twelve diabetics received continuous glucose-insulin-potassium (GIK) infusion for at least 4 hours after surgery terminated. Six diabetic patients having morning surgery received a proportion of their morning insulin dose with intravenous(More)
An account is given of K. pneumoniae capsule types occurring in horses, with particular reference to strains originating from the genital tract in the mare and the external genitalia of the stallion. A survey of the prevalence of K. pneumoniae and E. aerogenes strains in the preputial flora of healthy stallions is described. The majority of horses were(More)