Harry Peng

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– The IEEE P802.17 workgroup is currently standardizing a ring network architecture and associated protocol called Resilient Packet Ring (RPR). In addition to high-priority guaranteed class A traffic and best-effort class C traffic, RPR supports low-jitter, delay bounded, medium priority class B traffic. This class can, for example, be allocated for VBR(More)
– Buffer Insertion Rings (BIR) are known to provide higher throughputs than other competing ring technologies. With the introduction of spatial reuse, MANs and LANs are at a greater advantage of maximizing bandwidth efficiency. Spatial reuse introduces the concept of congestion and Fairness Algorithms are needed to police the fair access of the low priority(More)
— Resilient Packet Ring (RPR) is a new technology being standardized by the IEEE 802.17 working group. This paper presents a ring access delay bound under steady state. The bound is then proved analytically. Furthermore we show that the bound is tight by constructing a worst-case traffic scenario. It is shown that straight overloading scenarios are not the(More)
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