Harry Parker

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The purpose of this study was to examine the attitudes of 338 Chinese secondary school students toward three major disability groups (people who are physically disabled, emotionally disturbed, and mentally retarded) using an adaptation of the American Scale of Attitudes toward Disabled Persons (SADP). We found that physically disabled persons were rated(More)
Physical therapists (n = 53) and occupational therapists (n = 53) appraised themselves and each other by selecting personal and job-based adjectives (54 pairs) on the Health Team Stereotype Scale. The PTs' self-appraisal differed statistically from the OTs' perception of PTs on 31 adjective pairs (57%). The OTs judged PTs as having fewer of the qualities(More)
Using US Department of Defense text sampling procedures, nine allied health journals were analyzed for readability and selected writing style indices via Right Writer, a commercial software program. Two indices of readability were computed for each journal as were several indices of writing style. The computed readability ranged from 13.0 to 15.4, depending(More)
A basic first step in building a curriculum contributing to the orientation of youth to world of work is identification of concepts important to that orientation. In this study. the generalizations within the concept framework were identified through a developmental process of analysis and synthesis. including a review of current literature, a review of the(More)
This study investigated radiologic technologists' (RTs) prestige ratings of 13 allied health professions and 13 general occupations selected from the original National Opinion Research Center (NORC) list. RTs ranked themselves fifth and on the whole tended to elevate the ratings of the allied health professions. There was a high degree of agreement between(More)