Harry P Wetzler

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BACKGROUND Outbreaks of multidrug-resistant organisms have been linked to endoscope reprocessing lapses. Meticulous manual cleaning before high-level disinfection (HLD) is essential in reducing residual contamination that can interfere with HLD. Current reprocessing guidelines state that visual inspection is sufficient to confirm adequate cleaning. (More)
The main cause of endoscopy-associated infections is failure to adhere to reprocessing guidelines. More information about factors impacting compliance is needed to support the development of effective interventions. The purpose of this multisite, observational study was to evaluate reprocessing practices, employee perceptions, and occupational health(More)
BACKGROUND Most cases of microbial transmission to patients via contaminated endoscopes have resulted from nonadherence to reprocessing guidelines. We evaluated the occurrence, features, and implications of reprocessing lapses to gauge the nature and breadth of the problem in the context of widely available and accepted practice guidelines. METHODS We(More)
A prospective, randomized, controlled, multi-centre clinical trial was performed to test the effectiveness of an antimicrobial central venous catheter (CVC) made of polyurethane integrated with silver, platinum and carbon black (Vantex). Adults expected to require a CVC for more than 60 h were eligible, and were randomized to receive the test or control(More)
OBJECTIVE To use pharmacy and laboratory data to assess diabetes care within a medical group and between medical groups and to determine dispensing patterns and the extent to which providers change therapy based on HbA1c results. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Participating groups submitted 1 year of data for continuously enrolled patients. Required data(More)
OBJECTIVE To increase influenza vaccination rates among industrial employees and their families through a campaign at a large corporation. METHODS This prospective, multisite study used employee surveys and claims data to evaluate an evidence-based worksite vaccination program. RESULTS Vaccination rates among insured employees and dependents (N =(More)
Cardiovascular mortality in the State of Utah is among the lowest in the United States. The religion of 72% of the state residents (Mormon) proscribes the use of tobacco and alcohol; a large number of Mormons adhere to this proscription. This study analyzed the 6108 cardiovascular disease deaths between 1969--1971 in Utah of members in the Mormon Church.(More)
BACKGROUND Pathogens have been transmitted via flexible endoscopes that were reportedly reprocessed in accordance with guidelines. METHODS Researchers observed reprocessing activities to ensure guideline compliance in a large gastrointestinal endoscopy unit. Contamination was assessed immediately after bedside cleaning, manual cleaning, high-level(More)