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The αvβ3 integrin, expressed on the surface of various normal and cancer cells, is involved in numerous physiologic processes such as angiogenesis, apoptosis, and bone resorption. Because this integrin plays a key role in angiogenesis and metastasis of human tumors, αvβ3 integrin ligands are of great interest to advances in targeted therapy and cancer(More)
BACKGROUND A multifunctional telodendrimer-based micelle system was characterized for delivery of imaging and chemotherapy agents to mouse tumor xenografts. Previous optical imaging studies demonstrated qualitatively that these classes of nanoparticles, called nanomicelles, preferentially accumulate at tumor sites in mice. The research reported herein(More)
We have previously reported the use of one-bead-one-compound (OBOC) combinatorial technology to develop a disulfide cyclic, Arg-Gly-Asp-containing octapeptide LXW7 (cGRGDdvc), that targets αvβ3 integrin with high affinity and specificity. αvβ3 integrin is known to be overexpressed in many cancers and in tumor vasculature, and it has been established as a(More)
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