Harry Montgomery

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The MODIS radiometric calibration product (Level 1B) is described for the thermal emissive and the reflective solar bands. Specific sensor design characteristics are identified to assist in understanding how the calibration algorithm software product is designed. The reflected solar band software products of radiance and reflectance factor both are(More)
The Spectro-Radiometric Calibration Assembly (SRCA) provides on-orbit spectral calibration of the MODerate resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) reflected solar bands and this paper describes how it is accomplished. The SRCA has two adjacent exit slits: 1) Main slit and 2) Calibration slit. The output from the main slit is measured by a reference(More)
A simple model is developed in order to calculate the flow of current in a Faraday disc when it is delivering power to an external circuit. Several counter-intuitive features emerge which are not revealed by a qualitative discussion. The argument is non-relativistic, and it is conducted in the laboratory frame of reference.
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