Harry Michael Falk

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Marine biomass is washed ashore on beaches used for recreational purposes causing problems for local and spa authorities. The present management of marine waste biomass does not include a sustainable disposing policy and biomass is dumped inadequately. Since macroalgae are receiving increasing attention in the field of biofuel production, this “spare”(More)
An ATR-MIR-FTIR spectrometer was integrated into a laboratory scale anaerobic digestion setup. Automatically, a sludge sample from the digester was transferred to a measurement cell; an IR spectrum was recorded and evaluated by chemometric models to estimate the concentration of the individual volatile fatty acids (VFA). The calibration set included(More)
1 In public debates on pornography, polygamy, veiling and reproductive health, women’s position in Indonesia has become subject to re-definition. These new discourses give evidence of the fact that the traditional role ascribed to women during the New Order is being challenged. In this article we inquire into the question to what extent this development(More)
One of the enduring mysteries in Gupta history is whether or not the son of Kumāragupta I named Purugupta ever sat on the throne. If he did, he surely would have issued coins, so the related mystery in Gupta numismatics is whether or not he ever issued coins and, if he did, which coins are his? So far, no coins have definitively been assigned to him. In a(More)
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