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Recent advances in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and the advent of the Internet have facilitated the emergence and growth of collaborative strategies amongst small e-Businesses (Matlay & Westhead, 2005). In addition, during the last decade or so, team-led entrepreneurship has been identified as a highly profitable alternative to single(More)
Since the late 1980s most of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe have been undergoing a radical socioeconomic and political transformation, generally referred to as the 'transition' from a centrally planned, command system to a more or less liberalised, Western-style, market economy. The new thinking and the hopes for economic regenerations in the(More)
©Luke Pittaway and Bill Morrissey All rights reserved. Short sections of text, not to exceed two paragraphs, may be quoted without explicit permission, provided that full acknowledgement is given. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development Bill Morrissey is a self-employed consultant specialising in procurement within small firms. He is also a(More)
Small ethnic minority businesses make an important contribution to the UK economy, and this is reflected in their rapid growth over the last decade. A considerable proportion of the growth in new venture creation can be attributed to ethnic minority graduates, who increasingly embark on entrepreneurship as a rewarding and fulfilling alternative to paid(More)
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