Harry Lipman

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At the request of the largest children's hospital in Moscow, McKenzie and colleagues made recommendations for improving the service. Restrictions on visiting and fears of contracting illness from non-disposable needles have discouraged the local population from using the hospital. Consequently the hospital is underused and overstaffed. Serious shortages of(More)
We show how to replicate the payoffs to a class of default-contingent claims by taking static positions in a continuum of credit default swaps (CDS) of different maturities. Although we assume deterministic interest rates and a constant recovery rate on the CDS, the replication is otherwise robust in that we make no assumptions on the process triggering(More)
We propose a dynamically consistent framework that allows joint valuation and estimation of stock options and credit default swaps written on the same reference company. We model default as controlled by a Cox process with a stochastic arrival rate. When default occurs, the stock price drops to zero. Prior to default, the stock price follows a(More)
Report on two cases of tumours in the retroorbital space. The histological examination showed them to be granular cell myoblastomas (Abrikossoff), which in one case was bilateral. Tumours within the orbital space are rare. It is necessary in every case to make a biopsy to clarify the type of tumour because some of them are malignant. Computed tomography(More)
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