Harry L. Swinney

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We present the first algorithms that allow the estimation of non-negative Lyapunov exponents from an experimental time series. Lyapunov exponents, which provide a qualitative and quantitative characterization of dynamical behavior, are related to the exponentially fast divergence or convergence of nearby orbits in phase space. A system with one or more(More)
Flow between concentric cylinders with a rotating inner cylinder is studied for Reynolds numbers in the range 2x10(3)<R<10(6) (Taylor Reynolds numbers, 10 < R(lambda)< 290) for a system with radius ratio eta=0.724. Even at the highest Reynolds number studied, the energy spectra do not show power law scaling (i.e., there is no inertial range), and the(More)
Legged locomotion on flowing ground (e.g., granular media) is unlike locomotion on hard ground because feet experience both solidand fluid-like forces during surface penetration. Recent bioinspired legged robots display speed relative to body size on hard ground comparable with high-performing organisms like cockroaches but suffer significant performance(More)
We present a technique that uncovers the Lagrangian building blocks of turbulence, and apply this technique to a quasi-two-dimensional turbulent flow experiment. Our analysis identifies an intricate network of attracting and repelling material lines. This chaotic tangle, the Lagrangian skeleton of turbulence, shows a level of complexity found previously(More)
We investigate probability density functions of velocity differences at different distances r measured in a Couette-Taylor flow for a range of Reynolds numbers Re. There is good agreement with the predictions of a theoretical model based on nonextensive statistical mechanics (where the entropies are nonadditive for independent subsystems). We extract the(More)
Our velocity measurements on quasi-two-dimensional turbulent flow in a rapidly rotating annulus yield self-similar (scale-independent) probability distribution functions for longitudinal velocity differences, deltav(l) = v(x+l)-v(x). These distribution functions are strongly non-Gaussian, suggesting that the coherent vortices play a significant role. The(More)
Bacteria can secrete a wide array of antibacterial compounds when competing with other bacteria for the same resources. Some of these compounds, such as bacteriocins, can affect bacteria of similar or closely related strains. In some cases, these secretions have been found to kill sibling cells that belong to the same colony. Here, we present experimental(More)
Flocking birds, fish schools, and insect swarms are familiar examples of collective motion that plays a role in a range of problems, such as spreading of diseases. Models have provided a qualitative understanding of the collective motion, but progress has been hindered by the lack of detailed experimental data. Here we report simultaneous measurements of(More)
We have measured the multiscale wrinkling that occurs along the edge of torn plastic sheets. The plastic deformations produced by tearing define a new metric on the sheet, which then relaxes elastically. The resultant patterns of wrinkles correspond to a superposition of waves of different wavelengths. Measurements of the variation of the pattern as a(More)