Harry L. S. Roberts

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and the editors for helpful comments. 1 The Roberts (1967) paper has never been published; the fame of his paper apparently owes to the discussion of it in Fama (1970). Abstract Recent literature in empirical finance is surveyed in its relation to underlying behavioral principles, principles which come primarily from psychology, sociology and anthropology.(More)
We present the first results from a time-dependent chemical model to include a gas-phase reaction scheme for producing doubly-deuterated species. Under normal conditions the formation of these species is inefficient. However, when the effects of the freeze out of gas phase species onto grains is included in the chemistry we find that the fractionation of(More)
The Bose condensate model is used to elucidate the motion of the electron bubble in superfluids. An asymptotic expansion is developed for steady subcritical flow. Numerical integration of the coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations, that describe the evolution of the wavefunctions of the Bose condensate and the impurity, is used to study the nucleation and(More)
The Galactic Centre is the most active and heavily processed region of the Milky Way, so it can be used as a stringent test for the abundance of deuterium (a sensitive indicator of conditions in the first 1,000 seconds in the life of the Universe). As deuterium is destroyed in stellar interiors, chemical evolution models predict that its Galactic Centre(More)
Using samples consisting of U.S. and German students, it is investigated whether responses differ in problems involving loss aversion and mental accounting. We also assess whether U.S. and German students respond differently to a cognitive reflection test. The results indicate that the German sample was markedly less biased on questions of economic utility(More)
The Advisory Committee advises the Secretary on potential applications of methane hydrate and assists in developing recommendations and priorities for the methane hydrate research program. Consistent with the legislation, one of the tasks assumed by the Committee was the preparation of a report assessing the potential impact on global climate change from(More)
Sponge larvae posses cillia with unusual terminal expansions which are curled or biconcave in shape externally, as seen by scanning electron microscopy. Thin sections, passing through the point where the ciliary shaft enters the expanded area reveal the ciliary axoneme to be surrounded by many membranous folds, some of which are vesicular. The 'club footed'(More)
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