Harry J. Stone

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Monoclonal antibodies to guinea pig T cells and antibodies to guinea pig immunoglobulin G were used in immunofluorescence studies to identify T and B cells in central nervous system tissue from guinea pigs with acute autoimmune encephalomyelitis. T cells appeared before B cells and were distributed within the white matter parenchyma, while B cells remained(More)
The etiological agent of tularemia, Francisella tularensis, is a resilient organism within the environment and can be acquired in many ways (infectious aerosols and dust, contaminated food and water, infected carcasses, and arthropod bites). However, isolating F. tularensis from environmental samples can be challenging due to its nutritionally fastidious(More)
1 Residual stresses that arise as a result of welding can cause distortion, and also have significant implications for structural integrity. Martensitic filler metals with low transformation temperatures can efficiently reduce the residual stresses generated during welding, because the strains associated with the transformation compensate for thermal(More)
About the Cover Bacillus anthracis is the causative agent of anthrax. It is a tenacious Gram positive spore former that is endemic in most countries, and resistant to many decontaminating agents. This issue contains two articles focused on decontamina-tion and sterilization. Rogers et al. (pages 89-98) provides a comprehensive review of the efficacy of(More)
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